Introducing the Fraser Friend File Videos! #1

Spend some time around those in the camping industry and you’ll start hearing words like “Impact”, “Development”, “Skill Building”, “Growth”… you get the picture.  In fact, at Fraser Lake Camp we  use them ourselves as we try to convey the benefits of sending a child to camp, or to promote the value of working at camp.

But is it true?  We decided to set out and find some answers.  Today, you’ll see the first in a series of interviews with former FLC staff, volunteers and campers.  They’ll share with you where they are now, and if/how camp played a role in getting them there.

First up is Bryan Moyer Suderman, FLC alumni.  Bryan is a songwriter, Mennonite, singer, theologian, father, supporter of train travel, and devoted husband.   SmallTall Music is the platform from which he seeks “to build up the body of Christ by creating and sharing songs of faith for small and tall.”


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  1. […] Our first interview was with Bryan Moyer Suderman, a singer/songwriter and FLC alumni. […]


  2. […] friends from Fraser Lake Camp contacted me a while ago, wanting to make a short video… so here it is. These folks (John Wideman, of Ode Productions, and Scott Eyre and Eric Musselman) really know what […]


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